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Porträtt av Karl Ståhl
Karl Ståhl State Epizootiologist, Professor karl.stahl@sva.se +46 18 67 41 27

Main applicant



Stiftelsen Svensk Hästforskning


2010 - 2013

Respiratory infections in horses

Respiratory infections are commonly associated with decreased performance in trotters. Antibodies to ERhV A/B, EHV1/4, and EAV are detected in sera but their impact on a horse’s performance needs evaluation. Diagnosis needs to be adapted to better characterize this complex problem. Viruses involved in respiratory problems are not fully known. To address this, the project will: 1) Perform a longitudinal study to look at dynamics of antibodies and to evaluate their relation to performance. 2) Follow the influenza situation in trotters, regarding new strains in elation to vaccine strains. 3) Identify new pathogens that may play a role, by approaches for detecting unknown pathogens. 4) Improve diagnostics by developing methods for the simultaneous detection of antibodies, and portable PCR assays.

The project is expected to provide a combination of data and applications to facilitate control strategies to combat respiratory infections in horses.

Last updated : 2015-11-09