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SVA Purchasing and Delivery Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Data Protection Act

The Data Protection Act, which is based on an EU directive, is designed to protect individuals from privacy violations during the processing of personal data. SVA processes personal data relating to the administration and performance of contracts. If you would like details of your own personal data held by SVA, you can request this in writing.

Diagnostics and Analysis

Your samples will help us to be better

SVA is tasked with preventing, diagnosing and combating infectious diseases in animals. The samples you send to us are therefore important not only for you but also for SVA's operations in general. They allow for us, among other things, to continuously monitor the health status of animals in all of Sweden in collaboration with other government agencies. Sometimes it may also be of general interest that we conduct additional studies on the submitted material and compile test results for research purposes. Any necessary information sharing with other agencies and the reporting of results is made without reference to the individual samples unless Swedish law stipulates otherwise.

If you prefer that your particular samples are not used in this way for research and to monitor the health situation, we kindly ask you to notify us to this effect, either directly in the internal review or by other means.

Terms and Conditions of Sale


For price information, please refer to our digital price list on our homepage. Prices do not include VAT.                                 

Payment terms           

30 days net. SVA reserves the right to perform standard credit checks. For customers outside Sweden, the usual prepayment terms apply, unless otherwise agreed.

Handling charge

All orders are subject to a charge of SEK 25 excluding VAT. No charge is applicable for monthly invoicing.

Late payment interest

Late payment interest is charged in accordance with the Interest Act.

Discounts and agreements

 For larger sample quantities, please contact the relevant department for agreements regarding prices.

Terms and Conditions of Delivery


For vaccines that are ordered between Monday and Thursday, delivery can usually be made immediately, provided that the item is in SVA's inventory. If SVA is dependent on deliveries from manufacturers, delivery times can never be guaranteed. Delivery of vaccines is only possible within Sweden.

For diagnostic media, goods held in stock can be delivered immediately.  Custom-made products are delivered by arrangement.

Deliveries are usually made using the post office’s DPD Business Parcel 16.00, MyPack or letter service. Deliveries to customers outside Sweden are made using the DPD International or MyPack service. Deliveries of diagnostic media in the Stockholm and Uppsala areas may, by prior arrangement, be made by courier. 

Preordered goods can be collected from SVA’s goods reception.

For deliveries to customers outside Sweden, EXW (Ex works) trade terms apply in accordance with Incoterms 2010.

Shipping charges

For orders over SEK 2500, no shipping charges will be applied in Sweden. This applies to DPD Business Parcel 16.00 and MyPack services.

For orders under SEK 2500 and Business Parcel or MyPack deliveries, a charge of SEK 150 excl. VAT will be applied.

Letters are charged at SEK 75 excl.

Special rates apply to deliveries by courier.


Business parcels

SVA is responsible for goods until they are delivered. Responsibility then transfers to the purchaser unless the post office has specified that responsibility transfers to the purchaser upon notification.


SVA is responsible for goods until notified by the post office. Responsibility then transfers to the purchaser.


The purchaser is wholly responsible for all vaccines delivered by letter.


The shipping company is responsible for goods until they are delivered. Responsibility then transfers to the purchaser.

Sales to customers outside Sweden are subject to liability provisions under EXW (Ex works) trade terms in accordance with Incoterms 2010.

Any damage which has occurred during shipping must be reported immediately to the post office or shipping company. The post office is not obliged to refrigerate parcels.


Any claims must be submitted to SVA within 7 days from receipt of the goods.

The date of the document indicates when SVA’s Purchasing and Delivery Terms and Conditions were last updated. The Terms and Conditions may be modified without prior notification.

Tax rules

VAT regulations for foreign business services outside the EU

Customer informations

Company/Customer information

From 1/1/2010, SVA charges VAT when invoicing analyses as part of its business with non-professionals and private individuals based in non-EU countries.

As a private individual based outside Sweden, this means that you must pay VAT on the services you purchase from us. The prices shown in the price list will appear 25 % higher on the invoice.

For businesses based outside the EU: the Swedish Tax Agency requires the seller (SVA) to demonstrate both that the purchaser is a business and that it is based in a non-EU country. There are various ways to do this. A document showing that the purchaser is VAT-registered in a non-EU country is one way of demonstrating that the purchaser is a business which is based in a non-EU country. Alternatively, another business registration document or document from the tax authorities in the country where the purchaser is based may constitute sufficient proof. Even printouts from the purchaser’s homepage may be used to show that the purchaser is a business which is based in a non-EU country. Another example of proof is a certificate issued by the tax authorities in the purchaser’s country relating to refunds, in accordance with Thirteenth Council Directive 86/560/EEC. If you are a new SVA business customer, the simplest way is to attach one of the above documents to the referral in order to avoid VAT on the invoice. Otherwise, SVA will contact you at a later date to obtain the relevant information.

Last updated : 2020-04-24