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2011 - 2013

Multiple detections of epizootic and zoonotic pathogens in ticks. Development of low density DNA microarrays used as new epidemiologic investigative tools.

A third of tick-borne pathogens (bacteria, parasites, virus) are the causative agents of zoonosis. A better understanding of theirs epidemiologies, requires multiplex of pathogens in one sample (tick or pool of ticks). To this end, we propose to develop low density DNA microarrays that will be used as new epidemiologic investigative tools. Based on chip technology called BioMarkTM dynamic arrays, we will detect 48 pathogens in 48 samples with few nanoliters of sample. Besides to save money and time, these arrays will permit to perform large scale studies on epidemiology of tick-borne pathogens.

Last updated : 2016-11-22