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Photo: Therese Selén/SVA Erika Chenais State veterinarian, Associate professor (veterinary infectious disease epidemiology) erika.chenais@sva.se +46 18-67 46 15

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logo Co-created community contracts support biosecurity changes in a region where African swine fever is endemic – Part I: The methodology. (2023) logo Co-created community contracts support biosecurity changes in a region where African swine fever is endemic–Part II: Implementation of biosecurity measures. (2023) logo Innovative Research Offers New Hope for Managing African Swine Fever Better in Resource-Limited Smallholder Farming Settings: A Timely Update. (2023) logo Diverging discourses: Animal health challenges and veterinary care in northern Uganda. (2022) logo Biosecurity in the Smallholder Pig Value Chain in Northern Uganda: Thematic Analysis of Perceptions. (2022) logo Power, participation and interdisciplinary tensions: introducing a special issue on methodological developments in participatory epidemiology (2021) logo Perceptions of pastoralist problems: A participatory study on animal management, disease spectrum and animal health priorities of small ruminant pastoralists in Georgia (2021) logo With or without a Vaccine—A Review of Complementary and Alternative Approaches to Managing African Swine Fever in Resource-Constrained Smallholder Settings (2021) logo Using the World Café model to evaluate methods for controlling African swine fever in European wild boar (Sus scrofa) populations (2020) logo “Can we agree on that”? Plurality, power and language in participatory research (2020) logo Subclinical Mastitis in Pastoralist Dairy Camel Herds in Isiolo, Kenya – Prevalence, Risk Factors and Antimicrobial Susceptibility (2020) logo Lack of evidence for long term carriers of African swine fever virus - a systematic review (2019) logo Smallholders' perceptions on biosecurity and disease control in relation to African swine fever in an endemically infected area in northern Uganda (2019) logo African swine fever: update on East, Central and Southern Africa (2019) logo Epidemiological considerations on African swine fever in Europe 2014-2018 (2019)