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Porträtt av Karl Ståhl
Photo: Göran Ekeberg/AddLight Karl Ståhl State Epizootiologist, Professor karl.stahl@sva.se +46 18 67 41 27

Current projects

Understanding disease spread in wildlife – African swine fever in wild boar

Start/end:2017 - 2020

Project manager :Karl Ståhl

Improved disease control by community participation - the case of African swine fever in northern Uganda

Start/end:2018 - 2024

Project manager :Karl Ståhl

ASF goes Global- a North-South-South research network for improved disease control

Start/end:2020 - 2024

Project manager :Karl Ståhl

Wild boar at the farm gate - how do we protect Swedish pigs from African swine fever?

Start/end:2019 - 2022

Project manager :Karl Ståhl

SARS-CoV2 Research Integration and Preparedness (COVRIN)

Start/end:2021 - 2023

Project manager :Mikael Leijon


Emerging African swine fever in domestic pigs and wild boar: Understanding pathobiology to inform disease control

Start/end:2021 - 2023

Project manager :Dolores Gavier-Widén

Epi-economic modelling and comparision of hypothetical African Swine Feber outbreaks in DK,SE, NL and FR

Start/end:2014 - 2017

Project manager :Karl Ståhl

Assessing the impacts of African swine fever in smallholder pig systems and the feasability of potential interventions

Start/end:2013 - 2017

Project manager :Karl Ståhl

Project title is only available in Swedish (76)

Start/end:2014 - 2015

Project manager :Karl Ståhl

Respiratory infections in horses

Start/end:2010 - 2013

Project manager :Karl Ståhl

Schmallenberg virus dynamics and impact - a one-off research opportunity between the first and second epidemic wave

Start/end:2013 - 2014

Project manager :Karl Ståhl

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