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Change Projects on disease surveillance

This is the change project from ITP programme Healthy livestock – Safe food on disease surveillance.

Establishing notifiable diseases reporting status, drivers and constraints in Kenyan surveillance system before and after devolution in Kenya

Purity Nkirote Kiunga, Kiambu, Nairobi and Kajiado County, Kenya

The specific objectives of this project were to establish the effect of devolution on notifiable disease notification and reporting two years before (2010/2011) and two years after (2015 and 2016) devolution,

and to identify the drivers and constraints of notifiable disease reporting surveillance system in three counties (Kiambu, Nairobi, Kajiado) Kenya.  The study was achieved through the use of secondary (notifiable disease database, readily available at the DVS) and primary data collection (obtained using the Google form online app that is a free survey tool that gathers, analyses the data and give the results instantly by a semi-structured questionnaires that had an open and close-ended questions from participants). Analyse of the responses gave useful insights and recommendations on the ways to improve notifiable diseases reporting was given.

Last updated : 2023-01-11