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Disease Control

SVA is an authority with expert knowledge in prevention, diagnosis and the control of infectious diseases. SVA assists other authorities, organisations, veterinarians and the general public with support in decision-making, advice and help, as well as to carry out research in relevant areas. 

The department works in the field of epizootic diseases and zoonoses.  

Section of Epizootology

Epizootic diseases are infectious diseases of major animal, public and socio-economic importance. Foot-and-mouth disease, classical swine fever and BSE are 3 diseases of approximately 30 epizootic diseases that are under strict national and international legislation. Activities at the section of Epizootology mainly aim at acquiring an updated knowledge about the disease situation regarding epizootic disease outbreaks, their spread, the latest scientific updates and the approved diagnostic methods available.

The Swedish Zoonosis Center

A zoonosis is a disease that can be transmitted naturally between animals and man. Work at the Swedish Zoonosis Center has the objective to obtain a clear picture of the risks to contract zoonoses throughout the food production chain. Important zoonotic microorganisms are e.g., Salmonella and Campylobacter. The Swedish Zoonosis Center performs epidemiological and other scientific studies or promotes such studies to increase the knowledge about zoonoses. Risk assessment is an area of growing interest where work is currently ongoing.

If you have any questions regarding disease control, please contact us for further information

Last updated : 2020-04-21