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The TARANDUS network

The TARANDUS network gathers reindeer researchers from the Nordic countries. The network coordinates workshops focusing on aspects of reindeer health and welfare linked to climate change. Welcome to join the network!

Gathering of reindeer. Photo: Lotta Berg

Since 2021, the TARANDUS network has been able to build a platform where researchers, veterinarians and stakeholders focusing on reindeer health and welfare can exchange information and discuss new ideas and form new collaborations.

The TARANDUS logo. Illustrated by Karen-Ann Hurri.

The long-term aim of the Nordic TARANDUS research network is to contribute to increased knowledge about reindeer health and welfare, and challenges linked to climate change and exploitation, and to strengthen collaboration and information flow between research communities, authorities, veterinarians, advisory organizations, and reindeer herders to better support reindeer herding and production.

By networking, we can learn from each other and create a better preparedness to deal with the effects of climate change within the reindeer husbandry area. We will arrange TARANDUS network meetings in Sweden and Norway during 2024 to 2026 for researchers working with reindeer health and animal welfare from different perspectives. More information about program and registration will be available on this web site shortly.

Save the date!

The TARANDUS network will be part of the Nordic Conference on Reindeer Husbandry Research 19–21 February 2025 (lunch to lunch). The conference is planned to be held in Alta, Norway. More information will be presented here during the autumn. Please schedule the dates in your calendars already now!

Would you like to join the network?

Please, contact Anna Omazic (anna.omazic@sva.se) if you are interested to join the TARANDUS network. When you sign up for the network, then you agree that your contact information will be shared within the network. Read more about how SVA handles personal data.

TARANDUS network (The Arctic Research Network for Diseases in reindeer related to husbandry and climate change) is currently funded by The Nordic Joint Committee for Agricultural and Food ResearchRead more about the TARANDUS network.

Last updated : 2024-04-26