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Wild fish, shellfish and molluscs

Fish, shellfish and molluscs (hereafter called fish) are living organisms that have the same requirements on health and welfare as other animals. In Swedish nature, and in the concept "right of common access" the fish living in the wild are one of our most important resources.

Bild på två aborrar
Young perch. Photo: Bengt Ekberg/SVA

In order to comply with, and maintain, this concept, SVA offers competence and diagnostic service for these groups of animals. This activity is of benefit in aquaculture, to owners of aquaria, as well as to fishermen, decision-makers and many others.

SVA has staff with a unique competence in this field and laboratories for the diagnostics required. Our resources are used for diagnostics, animal protection/welfare, protection and rapid action against infectious diseases, health and environmental monitoring, and in providing data for use in decision-making on both national and local levels. Quality assurance is an important part of this work and therefore our activities are accredited by SWEDAC (Swedish Board for Technical Accreditation).

SVA is the national reference laboratory for fish and thus has preparedness for diseases that have not yet been identified or are rarely identified but not established in Sweden but which occur in the EU. We conduct our own research to improve our knowledge and diagnostic methods. Therebywe establish even better services and protection against infectious diseases in the aquatic sector. Naturally, we regard aquarium fish as pets with the right to the same treatment as warm-blooded animals. We also perform investigations with regard to crayfish,lobster and mollusc diseases at the request of The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management and the Swedish Board of Agriculture. Right now the invasive American lobster is of special interest with regard to health status and potential infectious threats to the European lobster. SVA also offers vaccines required by the fish-farming sector.

You are welcome to contact SVA with your questions concerning fish: fiskjour@sva.se or +46 18 67 40 00.


Last updated : 2023-01-23