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Project manager

Porträtt av Gittan Gröndahl
Gittan Gröndahl Researcher, deputy state veterinary officer, PhD gittan.grondahl@sva.se +46 18-67 40 00

Main applicant



Swedish Farmers


2012 - 2014

Stop the spread of strangles - a study on silent carriers of Streptococcus equi

Strangles, infection with Streptococcus equi, is a considerable problem for the horse industry. The aim of the project is to develop tools to limit the spread of strangles. Silent carriers of strangles may be the most common source of infection today. The occurrence (prevalence and duration) of silent carriers will be studied in horses that were affected with strangles and apparently recovered from clinical signs and then isolated for three weeks as presently recommended. The silent carriers are sampled for up to four months. Diagnostic methods used in the study are endoscopy and bacteriological sampling of guttural pouches, nasal swabs using E-swab sampling swabs for bacterial cultivation and molecular biological analysis (PCR), and serology to detect antibodies to Streptococcus equi. The deeper knowledge on strangles in the Swedish horse population will be used for concrete and practical guidance to limit and prevent new outbreaks of strangles.

Last updated : 2015-12-21