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Laboratory procedures

Here you find  instructions, protocols and standards to aid and guide laboratories analysing Campylobacter.


Detection, enumeration and identification of Campylobacter

The EURL prepares protocols and instructions to guide laboratories in laboratory procedures. Please find a selection below.

Whole genome sequencing

The Inter-EURLs Working Group (WG) has been established by the European Commission with the aim to promote the use of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) across the EURLs' networks, build NGS capacity within the EU and ensure liaison with the work of the EURLs and the work of EFSA and ECDC on the NGS mandate sent by the Commission. The WG includes all the EURLs operating in the field of the microbial contamination of food and feed and is coordinated by the EURL for E. coli.

International standards

The EURL follows and take part in standardisation activities organised under CEN/TC 463 – Microbiology of the food chain and ISO/TC 34/SC 9 – Food products/Microbiology.

 All standards are accessible from following website: https://www.iso.org/home.html.






Last updated : 2022-05-27