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Porträtt av Anna Omazic.

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2024 - 2026

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Project members

Karin Wallin Philippot

Ylva Persson

TARANDUS network

Foto: Lotta Berg

The Nordic research network TARANDUS, established in 2021, aimed to create a sustainable interdisciplinary platform. This platform served to highlight ongoing research, investigate disease outbreaks, foster new collaborations, and provide a forum for discussions, networking, and planning of research projects focused on the health and welfare of reindeer. The network also created opportunities for PhD students to gain interest, increase their knowledge within the research area, and present their research at different stages of their education. In total, four workshops (WS) were organized during 2021-2023. The network has engaged around 100 new members during these years, which shows that a forum where researchers are able to discuss different aspects of reindeer animal health and welfare linked to climate change adaptation is highly appreciated and needed. This clearly shows that TARANDUS network is a forum where researchers can learn from each other to create a better preparedness to deal with the effects of climate change in reindeer husbandry.

With new funding from NKJ, the research network TARANDUS will have the opportunity to meet for two days in 2024 and 2026. The network meetings will be hybrid meetings with about 30 to 40 participants on site and about 50 to 70 participants connected digitally. The Swedish Veterinary Agency (SVA) and Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI) will host the network meetings. 

Last updated : 2024-03-15